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Typing (not writing), ongoing since 2011
Typewritten text on paper, 17 x 22.5 cm

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TYPING (Not Writing)

Evolving series of typewritten notes: immediate, responsive, repetitive and [perhaps, somewhat] materialising a futile but doggedly persistent desire to pin down [or pindown], define, know, hold in place, and/ or identify literal meaning and exact expression, even when, or especially when, none exists.

More than 300 works in series.
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Selections from Typing (Not Writing) has been published as:
Typing (Not Writing) - Lines, Monograph | Marianne Holm Hansen, August 2020
Edited by Petra Schulze-Wollgast | Published by Plaugolt SatzWechsler, Germany external link to publisher PSW Gallery
and Timglaset Editions, Malmö, Sweden external link to publisher Timeglaset' website

Published in:
external link icon'Because English offers no feminine form of pelican', Tupelo Quaterly, TQ28, 2022
external link iconWordPower, Language as Medium, Library X, London, April 2019
eToCall Magazine, No.5, PSW, Rostock, Germany, 2019
eMáquinas post-concretas: Un ensayo sobre type-writer art, CCD, Mexico, 2018
eFive Pieces by Marianne Holm Hansen, VisPo, Coldfront Magazine, New York, 2015
Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology, Laurence King Publishing, London, 2014
ePossible Content for 18 Pages, Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2014

Exhibited at:
external link to jerwood drawing prize 2017Jerwood Drawing Prize, 2017-2018
external link iconThe Future is Here Again: Visual Language, AC Institute, New York
external link iconThis Page Intentionally Left Blank, Akbank Art Center, Istanbul, 2014

And, spoken about here:
external link iconDani Spinosa: 'Intersponse 4: Marianne Holm Hansen',
Periodicities: Journal of Poetry and Poetics, Ottawa, Canada, 2021
external link iconTYPE TYING TYPINGS TYPIST TYBE, VerySmallKitchen, 2012

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