For the Record (a written conversation)
Writing Exhibitions, Stanley Picker Gallery, 2009
FOR THE RECORD (a written conversation)

– There are 600+ words in the English language to describe emotions
– Yet, we do not commonly speak about how we genuinely feel
– So, FOR THE RECORD, we will not speak – we will write

FOR THE RECORD (a written conversation) is conducted through the collaborative writing of two alphabetical lists (records) identifying words pertaining to how we feel – or may have felt – within a given situation. Playing across two lists allow for the interplay of memory as well as time and distance for reflection.

The purpose of FOR THE RECORD is to consider and record how we feel within a particular situation and how this may transform over time and through conversation.
As well as to provoke discussions about the emotional states experienced within a site-specific situation, the project also partly exists to playfully test our knowledge of language and the impact of rules and structures upon collaborative working, thinking and doing. When situated within an exhibition context, FOR THE RECORD may also be seen to explore the existence and persistence of emotions [language, use and exchange] in relation to contemporary art and writing practices.
As a result, the project exists through malleable configurations of texts, objects, installations and live events to function as evidence, as collaborative record-making and|or emotional minute-taking towards expanded conversations and alternative models for representing site and situation.

To date, FOR THE RECORD has taken place at or part in:
Parallax Space, Lincoln, NE, USA (Instructions for Impossible Conditions, 2010)
Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (Tertulia, 2010 — with David Berridge)
AC Institute, New York (Department of Micro-Poetics, 2010)
The Pigeon Wing, London (Writing|Exhibition|Publication, 2010)
Wandle Park, London (Away Day: The Writer's House, Post Projects, 2010)
Five Years, London (Field Recordings, 2010)
7.9 Cubic Metres, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston (Writing Exhibitions, 2009)
James Taylor Gallery, London (JTP09, 2009)

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Assembled by David Berridge, VerySmallKitchen, 2010. Publication from Writing Exhibitions, symposium and lab, at 7.9 Cubic Metres, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, November 2009.

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Writing Exhibitions, 2009
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